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Divine Geese and Possessed Pepsi

I started my day by (possibly) breaking my pinkie toe. You would not believe how painful it is to walk with a bad pinkie toe. I was embarrassed to explain to people why I had a slight limp.

I did have a few interesting moments today to help get my mind off of the little toe.

This morning I went down to our company cafeteria for coffee. I looked outside the windows to the pond and witnessed 2 Geese WALKING ON WATER! This was not only miraculous, but also quite amusing. I quickly figured out that they were actually walking on thin ice, which had sunk just below the surface from their weight.

Later in my day I attended one of my many meetings. I had purchased a Diet Pepsi to quench my thirst. I must have been the lucky one to get the one recently shaken up prior to loading the vending machine because it started to overflow the second I opened it. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday and had actually thought of this eventuality. I quickly replaced the cap and the meeting continued on without me getting embarrassed.
Ten Minutes later I was sure the coast would be clear. I twisted the top off and it started to fizz up again! This time it got some notice from my fellow meeting attendees, but nothing was said.
Fifteen minutes later I again reached out for a try. I am now getting very thirsty AND I wondered if I had won another iTune song. Everyone one the meeting paused, looked over at me and watched as I carefully unscrewed the cap. Unbelievably, the fizz started to rise. We all had a good laugh and I promptly threw it away since it was clearly possessed. (or at least polluted with something!)
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