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Right after the debates!

September 30, 2004
Well here you go. Even China agrees our current President is doing the right thing with respect to North Korea!
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | US, China back North Korea talks

kerry trying to break the rules already! the debaote doesn't even start for a few more hours - Kerry campaign demands that timing lights be removed from debate lecterns

A Picture Share!

September 29, 2004
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Nice selection!

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Stopped for a drink!

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Flip Flop to the extreme

September 28, 2004
I love it! Matt Drudge at the DRUDGE REPORT?shows John Kerry is having problems deciding which color his skin should be! Talk about indecision!


September 21, 2004
It is moments like these that remind me how lucky I am.

My grandfather passed away this morning. I am very saddened by this loss, but my sadness is tempered by the knowledge that he is in a better place. He suffers no more and has been reunited with his wife and many, many friends. Most of whom he lost so many years ago.

Yes, I was lucky to have this man, my Grandfather as a role model. Many young people these days don’t have a father, let alone a grandfather. I really can’t remember many moments when I was able to speak quietly and alone with my grandfather. He wasn’t that sort of man. Instead he was a tall, strong individual who led and taught me by example.

My Grandfather was respected and loved in his small community. He was a regular in Church on Sundays and, for many years he could be found every morning with his group of friends enjoying a cup of coffee at the local diner.

Grandpa had strong convictions and a very clear sense of what was right and wrong and he was not afraid to share his views with anyone who would listen.

He was “old school”.

My grandfather believed when you gave your Marriage vows before God and Man you better well honor that vow. He did so, for over 60 years! This is something to be admired and marveled at. I have been married for 11 years now. I know the difficulties surrounding a marriage. The incredible stresses in life make everything a little more difficult, but my grandfather would never have dreamed of leaving his woman’s side. That is a conviction I strive to keep as well. I thought long and hard about what marriage means before I dove in. I used my grandparent’s strong marriage as a ruler with which to measure my own.

Grandpa’s hero was Ronald Reagan, another great American. I think he would find it fitting they would pass in the same year. They were similar in many ways. They had the same build, tall and lanky, black hair and strong chin. They had the same ideals on what it means to be an American and both were born and raised in a small Midwest town. One of my fondest memories was seeing my Grandfather holding a letter addressed to him from Ronald Reagan, wishing him a happy 70th birthday. That was the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face.

His sense of humor was wonderful. As a boy I remember many happy times around the dinner table on a Sunday afternoon. It was grandpa’s job to mash the potatoes. He would promise my little brother, older sister and I 5 cents for every lump we could find. He never had to pay up because we would always end up “eating the evidence”.

He loved to try to the “look over there” move and then swipe a spoonful of our Ice cream as we looked away. I fell for this a remarkable number of times.

He would play the harmonica for us and sing old songs none of us had ever heard before. (Rats in the sugar bowl 2 by 2…) And he knew Santa Clause on a very personal level and would tell us every Christmas morning how he and Santa had shared a cookie and a shot of whiskey!

My Grandfather was a first generation American, meaning his Parents, my great-grandparents were not born in the USA. They were originally from Finland. My Grandfather could still remember many sayings in Finish, even into his older years.

I am truly lucky to have known and learned from this man. I am eternally grateful for the many years I was able to enjoy his company and I will do my best to live up to his standards as my life goes on.

I miss you terribly.

Your Grandson.


September 20, 2004
Holy crap. This country is on its way to hell in a hand basket. Are you kidding me? I major news Producer suggests Kerry leaders talk to her source about how to defeat bush? The same guy who supplied FORGED DOCUMENTS!

I'm just sick.

Yahoo! News - Kerry Aide Talked to Retired Guard Officer

This is an apology?!

I can't believe CBS thinks this is an appropriate apology for the actions they took. I truly hope the rest of America understands how badly this has been handled and now has a more critical "eye" on CBS when viewing the news. (I personally won't be getting my News from this source any longer).

CBS News | CBS Regrets Bush Memos Story | September 20, 2004�12:26:42

It seems to me someone should be punished. This forgery was meant to alter a Presidential election!

Football Fans For Truth UPDATE

September 17, 2004
A big Thank you to Alice Ritter who has sent me the link for the Football Fans for Truth.

After reading through this site I feel sorry for the Democrats. (well not really)

How could they nominate such a clearly awful candidate! He claims the Packers play at "Lambert Field!"

Here is a 527 organization I can really get behind.

You saw it here First!

September 16, 2004
Big Thanks to for the link.
I made a joke about the Football Fans for Truth earlier in the week and it actually came true! - New political group pokes fun at Kerry's football gaffes

Interesting reading

Credit to Boing Boing for this post. They have a link to this document which appears to be a flight document for how to handle yourselves in the event your airplane has been hijacked by terrorists.

Be sure to read the last lines in each group. It is a hilarious attempt at English.

RatherGate continues

September 15, 2004
I understand Rather will be speaking about the memos on his newscast this evening. I will post video of anything interesting later this evening.

Update: Well I recorded this on my Sony Vaio, but it is hardly worth the space on my hard drive! I am appalled at the lack of integrity. CBS has lost all of my respect. The CBS Evening News statements was nothing more than a plug for the 60 Minutes II showing at 8:00 this evening.

I think it is time to start a CBS Boycott.

Bloggers hit the Big Time

September 14, 2004
How do you know you have made it as a blogger? You get on CNN with the lovely Paula Zahn.

This evening Paula covered bloggers and blogging on the tail end of her show. She had Glenn Reynolds from, Markos Moulitsas from Daily Kos , and Ana Marie Cox from Wonkette.
I happened to be sitting in my den surfing through Instapundit and saw a post from Glenn saying he would be on CNN around 8:40. My PC (Sony Vaio and I love it!) has a TV tuner and DVR so I recorded the segments.

The first story was a general item on blogs and features Instapundit and Daily Kos (with a quick shot of Boing Boing and Blogger). CNN Blog Story

The second was a live feed with Paula, Bob and Glenn. A good discussion surrounding Rather Gate. CNN covers Rather Gate

The last item was Wonkette and Paula. What a treat! (Lovely view too) Wonkette!

Imagine what they would have done to Martha Stewart!

The Chinese Governmentexecuted bank employees in a fraud crackdown this week.

I guess that is one way to deter this kind of behavior. I can only imagine what they would have done to Martha Stewart and I can also imagine plenty of people wished they could have done the same to the Enron gang. Personally, I am eternally grateful to be living in the old U.S of A!

The Bloggers shall inherit the Earth.

September 13, 2004
I believe the world is under-estimating the power of the Internet. You might think this is absurd, since the Internet has truly become a very viable and nearly ubiquitous medium in many countries throughout the world. However, the Internet is just now scratching the surface of changes that will sweep across the globe in the years ahead.

Sure we have all been communicating with others around the world through email, IM and simple WebPages for years, but now we also have web logs (or BLOGs for short).

In the past few months we have seen just how important the Blog has become in the United States. It is the new media, allowing bloggers to quickly share thoughts and experiences from both the Democratic and Republican conventions. Blogs have become, for some the sole source for news from loved ones in Iraq and recently appears to have exposed CBS news for using forged documents detailing alleged incidents in President George W. Bush's Air National Guard service.

I personally have this blog you are reading now and a few others. One is dedicated to my wife's side of the family where I share family photos often taken with my cell phone at family gatherings and sent LIVE to the website. It is meant to be a central location for the extended family to communicate with my Wife's brother and sister-in-law who recently moved to France.

I also have a site dedicated to my friends, one for my extended family and a new one for my wife. My wife will be using hers to communicate "good news" to the parents of her 8th grade science class.

Although most of my blogs are meant for a small number of individuals, I am hopeful this site may someday become a regular stop for some (once I get my act together!).

Blogs are being used in many countries where we are able to get an intimate view of current events from individuals with personal opinions not shaped or twisted by the media or various governments. For example many of the blogs I have read from Iraq are fairly positive. The US media tends to only report the negative issues surrounding Iraq. Many Iraqi bloggers report these same items and long for the day when the violence will stop. However, they also report progress. For example, schools are reopening, food is readily available and relatively affordable to most people. Homes and infrastructure are being rebuilt. Most importantly, the Iraqi people are beginning to feel real freedom for the first time in their lives. This knowledge I have gathered, only from reading blogs, has changed my outlook on what we (the US) are doing in Iraq. I, for one am grateful to our troops and proud they are able to spread freedom and democracy to what will someday become a truly great nation.

I believe the power of the Internet, which to me is really the freedom of the Internet will revolutionize the entire world. I hope I live long enough to witness this change.

Who can you Trust?

September 12, 2004
I may not know much, but I do know that I don't like what I am seeing in the news these days. I took Journalism as my minor in college. Every class stressed ethics. Make certain you check your facts, spell the names correctly and be fair and balanced (sorry for the steal from Fox). Now we are clearly seeing shoddy journalism. The big media is now in such a hurry to scoop the Bloggers and others (DRUDGE REPORT )
they no longer take the time to double check the authenticity of a simple set of documents. Documents that may sway voters in a Presidential election no less!

Take some time to read through the article posted in here in The Seattle Times.
The Seattle Times: National politics: More challenges about whether Bush documents are authentic

I have also been following this closely on

I beg everyone to read through as many news sources as possible everyday so you may parse the text and decide what you believe the real truth is, because it is getting hard to find!

The most exciting thing to happen to Indiana since the State Fair

Wow! Bigger than Clancey's Huge heifer! Indiana finally has a little excitement!

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program: Earthquake Report: INDIANA


September 11, 2004
This takes a long time to load, but it is worth remembering!
America Attacked 9 1 1

Football Fans for Truth

September 9, 2004
We need to get together a new group called the Football fans for truth!
Our mission: collect enough money from around the country to buy up all potential political ad slots available during any football game between now and November.
I want to see Beer ads (and those TWINS!) and truck ads for Ford Tough! NOT Kerry or Bush.....Unless it is Busch beer.

Thank god for football!

I need a break and I am sure the whole country needs a break! Enough politics for now. Lets sit back, open a bottle of beer and watch some football tonight.
At least football is honest or strives to be. Sports newscasts are the only form of news that I still consider honest, fair and ethical.
Everything else I read these days is clearly biased (for the Left OR the Right!)
I am sick of hearing about who might have done what in the military 30 years ago. I want to know what you ahve done lately to help this country and what you plan on doing in the future (if elected) to keep this country on top!

So please, start up the games, but make sure the breasts remain covered at halftime or the whole world will have a fit again.

Communists for Kerry - 2004 Presidential Election USA

September 8, 2004
Pretty amusing siteCommunists for Kerry - 2004 Presidential Election USA

A quick tip from me to you

Would you feel comfortable licking your fingers right now?

If not, then it is probably time to wash them.