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Happy Festivus!

December 23, 2004
Air your grievances and test your feats of strength!

A Picture Share!

December 22, 2004
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Banned Ads

December 18, 2004
Cnn has a montage of Banned Ads for your review...
CNN/Money: Banned Ads 2004

Santa citing has a new meaning

December 17, 2004
Yet another thing for us Detroiters to be proud of....Santa citing has a new meaning

Tonights' Grocery list

December 16, 2004
1 "Men's Health" Magazine
1 Bottle Jack Daniels

Funny looks from the cashier was Priceless.

What a day at the office!

December 15, 2004
I work in IT...well I.T. actually. Although today it actually felt more like "I work in shIT". One emergency after another. It is the end of the year and everyone suddenly realizes they had promised to complete this thing or that thing by the end of the year. So they call me up and demand that I drop whatever it is that I was just doing and start doing THIS for THEM. Anyone with any knowledge of I.T. knows that nothing gets done fast. You have to draw up a Project Plan, get funding, blah blah blah. So I get crap from people who do not know how to plan. They really hate it when I tell them we should add this to our list of next year's projects and get started on it in Jan. when I get back from the Holiday break.

I also got a call today from the BOSS telling me to fly to New Jersey Monday morning and then fly back to Detroit on Monday night so I can be back in the office Tuesday morning for other meetings. Gotta love THAT long day. I am not at liberty to discuss what I will be doing in New Jersey for that day, but it involves lawyers so I am sure it will SUCK! (Don't worry...I am not in trouble and neither is my company. We are merely "helping" someone out with an issue).

In this life...

December 14, 2004
I want to be a bat boy for the Met's!
Ananova - Baseball star's wife makes ultimate threat

In my Next life....

I want to come back as Britney's dog.

Britney Spears has treated her pet Chihuahua to a 180 dollar steak.

Eating Metal

The last few days I have felt just like this guy.....
Ananova - 90 metal objects recovered from man's stomach

Drew & Mike

December 10, 2004
For those of you outside the Detroit area, you don't know what you are missing in morning radio. Drew & Mike are on WRIF every morning and they kick ass. I travel frequently for work and have yet to find any show even remotely close to theirs. Funny, entertaining and sometimes even informative. WRIF itself is THE premier Rock & Roll radio station in the country.

Here is a video clip of Drew & Mike on Channel 7 news giving everyone some Christmas gift ideas.

Keep looking for some quality Shay Ryan video. I have a few nights worth of Shay, but she has been keeping herself "bound" lately. Keep watching here for video and you will see what I mean!

Off to a nice dinner

December 4, 2004
Going out to hang out with some friends tonight for dinner. As usual I will probably have a few more Jack and Cokes than I need. Thankfully, my wife has a little better control than I.

My buddy Chuck is a gourmet trained Chef and always has an excellent meal. Can't wait!

Later tonight when I get home I am going to try to post some video I captured of Drew & Mike (Detroit Morning radio hosts). I am trying to capture some Shay Ryan video as well (Local Weather Babe).

December 3, 2004

My Daughters and Nieces.

MSN Blogging

Well Microsoft has gotten into the Blog game. I created a site just to how it is. I imagine this might be perfect for young children or people not comfortable with technology. It is very easy to use, but is limited.
I was also disappointed to see that Microsoft feels they can use anything you write on their space as if it is their own....Because it is.

No thanks. I'll stay right here (Even though others have suggested I move to Moveable Type)
I am very happy with Blogger and will keep on blogging.

Here is my "Space" at MSN....
Blom Blog

Once again I vow to write here more often.
I am writing this entry on my new pocket PC.