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Death Tolls

September 21, 2005
I am not trying to make a political statement of any kind here. In fact I am so disillusioned with my government (BOTH parties) that I am trying to stay away from it all for a while. I just found this to be very interesting.

The Detroit Free Press has an article today detailing the number of US deaths in Iraq. One death is too many, but for a war going on this long I think 1,900 is remarkably low.

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The war in Iraq passed a sobering milepost Tuesday when U.S. officials reported 12 more Americans were killed -- eight of them members of the armed forces, raising to more than 1,900 the number of U.S. service members who have died in the country since the invasion.

Compare that to CNN's splash headline today of the Katrina hurricane deaths, 801 in Louisiana with 1,035 total from the storm in that region.