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Tanith Belbin, Ben Ogosto and Drew & Mike

February 20, 2006

Tanith Belbin and Ben Ogosto are now poised for a medal in the Winter Olympics. After being one of the few to stay on their skates they sit in Second Place in Torino Italy with their best dance ahead of them.
Belbin and Ogosto train in the Detroit area and gave a "shout out" to local WRIF morning radio talents Drew & Mike right after their dance last night. Pretty cool for us Detroiters, even though "Drew blows".

"Dead eye" Dick Cheney

February 15, 2006

Great stuff! Has there ever been a better setup for jokes than Dick Cheney's hunting accident?
I think I might have to get this button available at
Cafe press.

Olympic Age

February 11, 2006

I just watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and I now feel very old.....
Every time the announcers mentioned a past Olympic event, I could remember it very clearly. At 35 years Old I guess it is time to face the facts. I AM getting old...

Super Bowl XL - Adult Fun Part II

February 2, 2006
Much more information at the Freep. Just adding to my original comments.

Super Bowl - Why Detroit?

February 1, 2006
You can have the Super Bowl in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, but you wouldn't have something in any of those cities that Detroit has. For those who have come to the "D" early they would have a choice of hitting the NFL Experience or various parties, just like any other host city, but Detroit also offers The RedWings and the Pistons tonight. Two outstanding sports franchises.

I am eating this up. It is about time Detroit gets it's due. This is a great vibrant Metropolitan area with plenty of exciting sporting events to enjoy.