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More Tiger fever...

October 20, 2006
The Detroit News is not to be outdone. Check out some of there stuff too. Great pictures along the top showing images of the current Tiger fever epidemic as well as pictures form the 84' and 68' Tigers. Great stuff.

Detroit has a great Statue downtown of the "Spirit of Detroit" It has worn the Redwings jersey and the Pistons, now we have a Tiger jersey to go along with the others.

the day that statue wears a Lions jersey will be the crowning achievement. Let's hope it happens in my life time. I am about to turn 36 after all....

Tiger Fever!

Man I got it and I got it bad and I think the only cure is a World Championship trophy back in D-Town.

The Detroit Free Press has a bunch of great stuff for Tigers fans.
I like this a lot. You can print out masks of your favorite players....

They also have a download of the Olde English "K".

Parties are everywhere in the D this weekend too. I have been invited to a few, but had a prior commitment to a bachelor party. This will be the first time I will be at a bachelor party where I care more about a baseball game than the entertainment.

Let's go Tigers!


October 19, 2006
I have to tell you how much I love Vonage! I am saving so much money since I switched last year I can't believe. I am a real tech geek too which makes it fun for me. I have my whole house wired up, using my regular phones. I did have some trouble figuring out how to connect my DirectTV, but then I went to this Vonage forum and all was well.

Vonage costs me less than what I used to pay just for the phone tax!

Check it out.

Jello Shots!

Hey Tiger fans, I found an excellent way to celebrate the Tigers winning the World Series! How about sucking and blowing? Not like that! I'm talking about Jello Shots!

It's called Suck and Blow and man it is the wildest way to party. A friend of mine brought a bunch of these to a combined Bachelor/bachelorette party this past weekend. It was a wild time watching everyone Suck and Blow each other!

If I were lucky enough to get World Series tickets I would bring a bunch of these along. You could put some in your pockets, some more in your jacket pockets and some in your winter caps (it is gonna be COLD in Comerica Park!)

Great way to celebrate the win. Great way to meet some new friends and damnit, I did say it is gonna be cold. A great way to stay warm!

World Series, here we come!

October 15, 2006

American League Champions!!

World Series, here we come! - 10/14/06 - The Detroit News Online


October 11, 2006
Talk about mudslinging! Both of these idiots should shut the hell up. I don't want either one of them running the Great State of Michigan. All I have seen is a continous loop of negative attack ads on TV and thier debates resemble two monkeys flinging poop at each other.

Thank God the Tigers are winning. Helps take the pain anyway for all the rest of the crap this state is putting up with.