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At long last!

August 07, 2007
I have been on hiatus for long time now and decided it might be time to get back on here.

I plan on starting to write about my experience taking Improv classes at Second City. I am currently enrolled in level B classes in the Detroit Training Center. Prior to signing up for level A I looked for some information out there to get a feel for what it was like to take these classes and I was disappointed when I came up with nothing. So if you are considering taking a class in Improv, here is a little attempt at explaining what it is like.

I will start with explaining a little about myself and a little about my classmates without actually identifying them. I will also give you a report out on what kinds of things we did in level A and will do my best to post a new post every Tuesday night to let you know how things went in the Monday night class.

Stay Tuned!