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This is the wave of the future for advertising..

April 23, 2004
This has been used a few times by my company with some of our different brands. So far it has been pretty successful.t h e v i r a l f a c t o r y - the viral marketing experts


April 21, 2004
I don't know about you, but my office is running around like crazy trying to figure out how we can defend against this problem. Being in IT has me on the front lines where we have been meeting off and on all morning to identify our areas of weakness, review our disaster recovery plans and look for security solutions. HELLO CISCO! New Net flaw could open Web to hack attacks

My hometown cool?

HOT SPOT FOR LIVING: Marquette loaded with cool allure


April 16, 2004
Well it is about time! Summer is here today in Michigan, where it has already reached 65 and climbing.
I have been very busy lately with the holiday, various visitors and waaay too much work at the office. If only I could do this full time! However, I notice about a million Bloggers out there. I am sure they would like to do the same. For now I will need to keep playing the lotto.

This has been a good year for sports so far. I was at the first round of the NCAA tournament in Columbus, OH. Caught the home opener for my beloved Detroit Tigers (and they are winning these days!). The Redwings are on track to the Stanley Cup and I will be at the first Pistons playoff game this Sunday. Life is good!


April 7, 2004
I have been waiting for this all of my life! - Study finds frequent sex may cut cancer risk - Apr 7, 2004