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The Adventures of Movie Guy

April 15, 2005
Every day the Movie Guy visits the person sitting directly behind me in the office. This morning another of my co-workers described the Movie Guy as "a red wine stain on your brand new white carpet".

The Movie Guy actually works in my building as PC support, although that is usually another name for "the guy that loads software on your computer because you are not allowed or qualified to do it yourself". This alone is insulting since I work in IT and this guy was hired because he is "knowledgeable about Windows 2000 and XP".

Since his job mostly consists of hours of wasted time he has decided to take on a side project reviewing DVD movies for some website. He actually receives movies and TV Series box-sets prior to their release. I have never been to this website because I hear every little detail about each movie or TV series right from his mouth to the admin's ears.

I decided it was completely unfair of me NOT to share this with the world…..


Most of Movie Guy's comments the past month have been around Buffy, Buck Rogers or various video quality defects with DVD's he has noticed since he purchased his new High Def TV. This morning, however was a brand new rant about the Star Trek series DVD box set.

Apparently, the case for these DVD's is a replica of the starship Enterprise. This apparently has a few flaws itself. (Note: this is the first review of a DVD case I have ever heard). This case is a little larger than your average case, so it will "stick out about an inch" when you put it in your DVD case. There's more! The series is broken up by season and each season has the same case and the cases are the SAME COLOR!
"My God, you have to actually read the box to tell which one is which!" Movie Guy

Another major faux pa: The entire box set is for "Star Trek Enterprise", but as Movie Guy deftly explains to everyone within hearing range it was only called "Star Trek" for the first 2 Seasons!!!


Movie Guy also critiques the added features of these DVDs and always reviews the bonus Director's comments and such as if HE were actually there. Yup, Movie guy knows all: "The Studio originally wanted "Joe Blow" for the Back To the Future movies, but the director told them "I want Michael J. Fox. He is our guy". Of course, Michael was still shooting Growing Pains so they had to wait until he was done in production with that before he could start the movie."


Don't touch that Back Button! I'll keep you posted…..

On to the courts!

April 14, 2005
I hear these dolphins requested NOT to be put on these lifesupport systems. According to their husbands they want to die peacefully by starving to death.

Wow! These guys make MSU look like pansies!

April 13, 2005
You think Michigan State University knows how to riot after a game? Try rioting DURING the game. These soccer fans sure know how to party! Unfortunately, they also know how to throw FLARES at the teams too.

Mitch Albom: Day 2

April 8, 2005
Mitch Albom contiues to take some hits for his error in last weekends paper. According to the radio Mitch was on the local news this morning pointing his finger directly at the editor(s). I am willing to bet the unemployment rate in Michigan will soon be going up by at least one.
Mitch is always a little "holier than thou" on his afternoon radio program. perhaps this will knock some of that off. He is clearly a very talented writer. Unfortunately for Mitch his new found love for writing fiction should not bleed over to his journalism job at the Detroit Free Press.
More coverage:
CBS Sportsline

A few more comments from his peers.

Poynter Online is a web portal for journalists. Here are a few of the interesting comments related to Mitch:



You're calling Mitch Albom

With a host of queries?

He's busy describing

The next World Series.

--Leon Freilich

Mitch Albom's 2003 column on Jayson Blair serves as the most damning argument why he's got to go after making up events for his column last week. Key quote:

"What [Blair] doesn't get is that journalism is not Hollywood. It's not about closing the deal. It's not about face time. It's about -- simply put -- telling the truth."

From RUSS MITCHELL: Next from Amazon?

by Mitch Albom

Albom goes to hell where he sequentially encounters five pivotal figures from his life (a la A Christmas Carol). Each person, guilty of journalism's mortal sin, fabrication, has been waiting for him in hell, and, as Albom reveals, each life (and death) was woven into his own in ways he never suspected. Each soul has a story to tell, a secret to reveal, and a lesson to share. Through them Albom understands the meaning of his own life even as his arrival only intensifies their torment.

And my favorite:

If Mitch Albom was going to tell us in advance who'd be at the game, what they were wearing and how they got there, he could've at least gone one more small step and told us what the score was gonna be. Woulda saved me some dough.

MITCH ALBOM stumbles

April 7, 2005
One of the more famous Detroiters has a bit of a black eye this morning as Mitch Albom had to publicly apologize for publishing an inaccurate story in the Detroit Free Press. Mr. Albom is taking quite a beating from some of the local radio personalities (Mitch Albom also has a radio show every afternoon on 760 WJR). One of those radio personalities is Terry Foster, also a fellow sports columnist.

Mitch Albom was very outspoken about former New York Times writer Jayson Blair for his plagiarism and unethical behavior.

Fraud In Canada

April 4, 2005
I have many good friends in Canada and have been feeding them information on this subject from various Blogs. I am astounded at the level of deception and the squashing of information the Canadian government is willing to attempt.

So this is where people wanted to move after George W. was re-elected? I love Canada, but I think this is ridiculous.
CBC News: Liberals call in RCMP to probe possible fraud

I will be captruing video from the CBC news this evening and will post anything I find regarding this story....IF the government will allow it.

Update: More info at Captain's Quarters and -

20 years ago.....

April 2, 2005
20 years ago yesterday I sat down and watched the great game between Georgetown, with Patrick Ewing and Villanova. I was with my father in a hotel room in East Lansing (home of Michigan State University). This is one of my fondest memories.