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A Picture Share!

June 28, 2005

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!

Another day in the office.

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June 26, 2005

Made it to orange county.


Well I landed safely in L.A. and grabbed a cab (where I am currently submitting this entry). I am cruising down the 405 which is surprising since I am used to coming out here and sitting on the 405!

Hopefully I will make it to my dinner on time.
Looks like this might be an expensive ride though.

Last Business trip!

Well I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to board a flight to LAX for my last business trip with my current job. I hoping I can take a nice long break before I travel for work again.

I never have a smooth trip and today was no exception. I missed my flight out early this morning so I had to wait in line to see if I could catch another flight to Irvine, CA. No dice...all booked up. After plenty of arguing I finally worked out a flight to LAX which will get me in just in time to take a very long cab ride down to Orange County, check into my room, quickly change and then run out to my business dinner.

So I figured I might buy myself a cocktail to calm myself down so I could relax on the long flight, but NOPE! Michigan law does not allow the sale of alcohol on Sunday mornings. Need to wait for 12:00 at which point I will already be on the flight.

Well, I guess I'll just find a seat somewhere and pull out my latest book "What the dormouse said".

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June 25, 2005

Piano recital.

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June 19, 2005

Go tigers

A Picture Share!

Spending the day at the ball park.

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June 09, 2005

A typical ride home. Crawling down the road.

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June 03, 2005

Happy friday. I am out enjoying a beer.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's Poll numbers looking BAD!

Is this even remotely surprising? Kwame's poll numbers look embarrassingly low. Check out this quote from the Free Press:

"People certainly do not want to re-elect this mayor," said Cliff Zukin, a political science professor at Rutgers University, after viewing the poll. "It's not just negative opinion, there's intensity of negative opinion."

Intensity of negative opinion? Come on people, don't let them talk about Yall's boy like that! (Yup, I am going to milk this video for all it's worth)Kwame and his Mommy Video

Some interesting figures:

More than half of respondents -- 57% -- gave Kilpatrick an unfavorable rating.
Asked to name Kilpatrick's biggest accomplishment, 29% of respondents said nothing; 22% said they were undecided or didn't know.

And comments like these:

Concerns about Kilpatrick's character remain among the mayor's greatest problems. Respondents listed morals, character, image, immaturity, nepotism, scandals, personal problems and abuse of power among Kilpatrick's biggest failures.

Clearly this stems from his recent issues with his Credit Cards and the lease of the Lincoln Navigator for his wife with city funds. (A great vehicle by the way. Please hurry to your local Lincoln Dealer!)

President Clinton must be sick! He has once again been mentioned in the same article as Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

"Fall on the sword and admit that he did those things; get over it like Bill Clinton had to get over it," Sarpolus said. "Then make the hard decisions," he said, referring to the budget.

Don't fret though, we still have months of entertainment ahead. Kwame's Team is already throwing mud on his opponents. From Brian Dickerson's article:

"You're invited to meet Freman Hendrix!" the greeting-card-size envelope said. Inside, in lieu of the promised invitation, recipients found a slick but anonymous attack ad insinuating that Hendrix leveraged his position under former Mayor Dennis Archer to score a sweet mortgage deal and a cushy job for his sister.

I find this very amusing, since Kwame has been accused of much bigger transgressions during his last term. I just can't wait for the real fireworks to start.

The 49ers Embarrassing Training Tape

June 01, 2005
The San Francisco chronicle has a story on their website today about a training tape the 49ers made for the team on how to handle the media. Read the story here:
The 49ers Embarrassing Training Tape / View the team training video in segments

I watched all of the segments and have to say it was clearly meant to be a joke among the men on the football team, but now that it is out in the public I suppose everyone will blow it way out of scope and fire some people.

Deep Throat

Come on, I know you have all been thinking it...This is Deep Throat?

I always thought Linda Lovelace played that role?