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Super Bowl Date for Prince?

January 31, 2006
Craigs List Detroit has yet another great ad for the Super Bowl, this time for a Date for a Middle Eastern Prince.

Hello. I am looking to set up some dates for a foreign head of state while he is in town for the Super Bowl. Pay is $5,000. You will need to be discreet.

It's good to be the...Prince.

Steelers are in the "D"

January 30, 2006

About 20 minutes ago I saw the Steelers buses heading up to Auburn Hills via the Southfield Freeway with a police escort. Nice view out my window while I listen in on a conference call.

MLive has some pics of the Steelers arriving. They all walked off the lane wearing Bettis Notre Dame jersey's (even Detroiter and UofM alum Larry Foote!)
Check out the terrible towel hanging out of the pilot's window.

Super Bowl XL - Canada

As I mentioned in a previous post, Windsor Canada is right across the river from Detroit and is bound to attract some extra attention. Here is a snippet from USA Today.

The legal drinking age is 19. Strip clubs offer nude performances. Cuban cigars, illegal in the USA because of a trade embargo, are a bargain. The Windsor Casino beckons gamblers. Escort services are legal.

Madden Cruiser Sighting

One of my best friend's spotted the Madden Cruiser coming into town last night on I-94. Things are really getting going.

Seahawks Have Landed

The Seattle Seahawks have landed in Detroit and are staying at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn.

Pittsburgh Steelers will arrive in Detroit at 10:00 AM EST.

Check out the excellent coverage at MLive.

Super Bowl XL - Fever!

January 28, 2006
I am starting to get it. I have started recording the local news and will post clips as they come in related to the Super Bowl.
I will be attending the NFL Experience next Friday evening and probably a couple bars or parties afterward. I will report back on those events as soon as I make it back to my house.
Saturday is still up in the air at this point. Sunday looks to be hitting the bars in Detroit and celebrating with the winning team/fans after the game. I'll do my best to be home in time for my kids to get on the bus on Monday morning. Lots of company coming in and plenty of cash ready to be spent!

Party on!

Super Bowl XL - More escorts please!

January 27, 2006
Craigslist Detroit continues to have plenty of listings for escorts for the Super Bowl. This one from Motor City Mink sounds interesting. I mean who wouldn't want to work for a Pimp wth that name?! Come on Bitches!

looks like the Motor City Mink would also like to put you in XXX Movies.

Super Bowl XL - Game Plan

January 25, 2006
The State of Michigan has put together a website called the Gameplan. It is a nice collection of information for those coming to Detroit and for those of us living here. Check it out.

The Bus

January 24, 2006

Detroit is getting pretty pumped about the Bus. It is a homecoming for Jerome Bettis.
Now you can buy some t-shirts to celebrate the Super Bowl.

Check out the shirts at my new store.

Super Bowl XL - Adult Fun

January 23, 2006
Looking for some real good times when you come to town for the Super Bowl? Bring your passport so you can "swing" across the river into Windsor Canada. Windsor, like Detroit has a casino and gentlemen's clubs. However the ladies lose everything when they dance in Windsor. It is also legal to purchase Cuban cigars and Escorts (not necessarily in that order!)

Ren Cen Detroit

January 20, 2006

I was downtown yesterday and took this picture as I flew by the Ren Cen on Jefferson. I understand signs like this are going up on the Blue Cross building and others as well.

Super Bowl XL - Jenna Jameson Party

The Detroit Free Press has an article about Jenna Jameson's Super Bowl Party. Sounds like the perfect place for Viking's fan to find his team's players.

Vivid/ClubJenna Bowl Party

9 p.m. Feb. 3

Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Savanna Samson,
Krystal Steal, Ashton Moore and Sophia Rossi

Zoo Bar

415 E. Congress, Detroit

$500 to $1,000

Super Bowl XL - Hip-Hop Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

January 18, 2006

This weekend I hope to put together an itinerary for Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Kwame, known as the Hip-Hop mayor likes to party and you KNOW he is gonna hit it when the Bowl comes to town y'all!
like Kwame's Mommy says if you live in the Detroit area you need to take care of Y'alls boy after all people died for you!

Kwame: Leave the credit card at home. This is your town. You should be getting Free Drinks Big Dog!

Super Bowl XL - How to get around

The Detroit News has a good article about how to get around the city and where to park during the Super Bowl. i suspect it will be total chaos. be prepared to walk and dress warm because it will be COLD in Feb.

Speaking of the Ritz

Check out this press release from the Ritz Carlton. Here is what you can get from them for $40,000!

-- 2 tickets to Super Bowl XL at Ford Field on Sunday, February 5, 2006

-- A gift certificate for a two-night Super Bowl relief and recovery stay
at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel or The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

-- A $1,000 shopping spree at the Official Super Bowl Retail Shop or The
Gift Shop at The Ritz-Carlton, Dearborn

-- 2 tickets to a Night in Havana, a celebrity poker tournament at The
Ritz-Carlton, Dearborn on February 2nd

-- A five-course dinner for two with wine on the evening of guests'
choice, prepared in the suite by executive chef, Rob Wilson

Super Bowl XL - gentleman's Clubs

January 13, 2006

Dearborn has a few clubs gearing up for the Super Bowl. The Toychest is just down the street from the (rumored) players hotels. A nicer place called BT's is not much further away.

Super Bowl XL - Player's Hotels?

Rumor has it the Teams will be staying in Dearborn during the Super Bowl. Specifically at the Ritz Carlton and the Hyatt Regency. I repeat, this is only a rumor, but it makes sense to me since the Detroit Lions practice facility is just a very short drive down the Southfield freeway in Allen Park.

I can see both buildings from my office window and will be on the lookout for anything interesting during lunch hours the week before the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XL - Info

January 12, 2006
If you coming to see the Super Bowl (or just hang out like I will) here is the Official Detroit Super Bowl XL site with some pretty good info, like how to party with Mayor Kwame!

Super Bowl XL - Playboy

THE Party of the Super Bowl is always the Playboy Party which will be held at the Detroit City Airport in one of the hangers. Would love to go to that one!

If anyone gets in PLEASE let me know what it was like.

Super Bowl XL - VIP Party

The Detroit Free Press has an article about some VIP Party places here in Detroit. Sounds like some pretty interesting parties will be held including one by Terrel Owens at a club called Envy..

Feb. 4: NFL star Terrell Owens throws a public party. $50.

Snoop Dogg will be hosting the Bud Bowl in a facility built in the middle of Comerica Park with 3 Doors Down playing on Super Bowl Eve.

Super Bowl XL - Is Detroit Ready?

January 11, 2006
This is a start to a series of reports I will put together around Super Bowl XL in Detroit. I plan on covering what is in the media, including some video clips from local newscasts. I will document and photograph some of the places the teams and visitors are sure to frequent while in town.

Note: I live in the Detroit area and work in Dearborn where the players will be staying. I will try my best to cover this fairly, by showing the good and the bad.

I have already mentioned in a few posts how the Hookers are getting ready by placing ads on

Today's Detroit Free Press has an article about Journalists impressions so far. Detroit is currently hosting the North American International Auto Show this week and next. This show draws media from all over the world. A couple snapshots from the article:

"There are still a lot of empty houses and buildings," said Vollbach, who made his seventh visit to the show. "And it's amazing how bad the roads are -- there are holes in the streets and you'd never see that in Germany. It's still not one of the U.S.'s prettier cities."

"I thought there were more problems but it's more organized and cleaner than I remember it," said Relato Rossi, an auto and technology reporter in Brazil, who has been to the show seven times.

"We've heard it's too dangerous to go out downtown," said Hsun-Chang Chien, a Taiwanese journalist who has been to Detroit three times and stayed at the Marriott in downtown Detroit.

Weather will also be a huge factor. So far this has been the mildest January I can remember. It has been very overcast, but the past couple weeks have been up in the low 40's. THAT is balmy around here for this time of year. I hope the big snow isn't waiting to show up all at once during the Super Bowl weekend.

Keep checking back. I will be hit the night life around here with my camera in tow.