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WiFi at the ballgame

March 31, 2004
I love this kind of stuff! Free WiFi access is the greatest thing to ever come about. I look forward to the day my Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions follow suit. - Giants�ballpark becomes WiFi hub - Mar 31, 2004

I'm getting a little worried!

March 26, 2004
First: I just saw a commercial for the NBA. I like the NBA, but do I really need to see Donald Trump telling me "If you don't like the NBA YOU'RE FIRED!"
My GOD! Give it a rest already. The unfortunate part is this is probably just the beginning!
TRUMP this!

Second: When I was in College I remember seeing an organization called "1 in 10". This was a Gay and Lesbian Organization, which was rare back then.
I asked what "1 in 10" meant. They told me they believed 1 in every 10 people were homosexuals.
This was astounding to me and felt like a rather large number. After all I did not know anyone that was Gay.
Years later I realize they must be correct. In fact they may have under estimated.
In the last few months I think I may have seen every Gay person in this country.
Between the same sex marriage footage in the news, Queer eye for the straight guy, While you were out, etc. I am certain I have seen all of the homosexuals in this country.
If you want to be famous....come out of the closet!
Ellen, Rosie, etc.
Hell even Richard Simons is getting attitude! He just bitch slapped someone on a plane!

I heard recently the Hispanic population surpassed African Americans as the second largest minority group in the USA. I think someone forgot to count the fags..I mean gay people.

A few random thoughts on a Friday afternoon...

A good name for a band: Tattoo Residue

Have you noticed that everything has become Black or White? No Grey areas anymore.
Take politics for example. (I know, but it is all you see on the news these days!
On one hand you GW Bush you has Ultra Conservative and on the other is the definition of Liberal in John Kerry. Perhaps I will run and start my own Grey Party.

What the heck is wrong this picture: The Passion for the Christ is on it's way to breaking all kinds of records as a Block Buster hit. Religion is coming back strong, yet at the same time we have an atheist getting all kinds of attention demanding the word "God" be struck from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jesus......I don't get it.

The Religious Right has apparently decided they should be telling the American people what they can and can't see on TV or hear on the Radio.

I believe the atheist has right to appear before the Supreme Court just as I believe I have the right to decide whether or not I want to hear Howard Stern.

I think that asshole is FUNNY!...John Kerry I mean...Stern is pretty funny too.


Check this stuff out! I think I need some of this!
STARDUST Aerogel Photos


March 24, 2004
The Daily Show is the greatest! I know this is a little outdated, but it is hilarious (and I just finally figured out how to convert movies from my Sony Viao GigaPocket).
Check out CNBC's coverage of Martha on the Daily Show

Why this?

March 23, 2004
Don't get me wrong. I like beer. Maybe more than I should, but 3D Beer ads may be going a little too far.

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day...

March 17, 2004
I really enjoyed this book called Patrick by Stephen Lawhead. I recommend it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am currently enjoying a nice tall Guinness. Hope you have a great day yourself.

Put a little perspective on things!

This is pretty damn cool.
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java Tutorial

Scary! Big Government Strikes again

March 16, 2004
FBI adds to wiretap wish list: "A far-reaching FBI proposal would require all broadband Net providers, including cable modem and DSL companies, to rewire their networks to support easy wiretapping by police. "

pPOD update!

I told you to get it while you can!
StarBrite Solutions has been sued by Apple. No More pPod.

NCAA Tournament in Columbus, OH

Well I may not pick the correct winners from the NCAA tournament , but I sure will enjoy watching some of the games this weekend down in Columbus.
I am hoping I can pick up some extra cash by finding a Green Geo Metro.
From the article: "A $60,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the shooter."

I could use $60 grand! Hell for that kind of money I'll run this asshole off the road THEN call the cops.

What to do!

March 15, 2004
I like to pride myself as an independent thinker. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I do tend to lean towards some Republican ideas, but it is probably a 60/40 split.
So what the hell do I do now! Bush has swung far to one extreme and Kerry is far to the other. I want someone somewhere in the middle.
I like Bush's stance on Terrorism. I WANT him to go after these bastards. I remember those days right after 9/11 and I don't want to feel them again. What I remember the most was the entire country wanted to go after those terrorists. We did and we kicked some ass.

Back home, however, we were given many great ideas and rules on what we should do to protect our country, but no money to do it!

I have a horrible feeling this country is going to get hit again and it will be just before the elections, just like we saw in Madrid Spain. After all Spain just proved to the world that terrorist CAN make things change. The election was clearly going the other way until those bombs went off in that train.

Meanwhile, we have stepped up the pressure to capture Osama. Now how amazing would it be if we captured Osama JUST before the elections......?Gee , that might help Bush a little.


I gladly handed over $75 today for what amounted to 15 minutes of looking and wiping off some crap from the "flame sensor"?
I practically ran upstairs and grabbed my wallet! I just wanted to be warm again!

...and so I am.


As if I needed another reason why not to live in Michigan during the winter months....
I am sitting here writing this with my winter jacket on. My heater has died and I have been waiting all day for a repairman to come and take a look. I am hoping it is something incredible simple to fix. Something that will make me look like a complete ass for not figuring it out myself. just as long as it gets fixed!
Odds are it will be something incredibly expensive and won't be done until the end of the week.

If I lived in a warmer climate I would be fine! Perhaps it is time to start brushing up on my Spanish again. I hear the housing is pretty cheap in Southern Mexico.

I love the Tournament

March 14, 2004
I will be in Columbus, OH watching the first round. Get your bracket here.

Go Broncos!

March 13, 2004
My Alma Mater Western Michigan University is on the way to the NCAA Tournament!
Go Broncos!

WMU are the MAC Champions!

George Carlin Responds...

One of the great minds of our times has spoken up about the over reaction by the FCC.
Yahoo! News - George Carlin Responds to Indecency Uproar


Must have had too much of the wine at communion!
Yahoo! News - Nun Faces Jail for Drunk Tractor Driving

My list of excuses.

March 11, 2004
Well I started this thing so that I would write more often and so far I have done nothing, but short comments on links I have found while surfing. Here is a list of excuses I have complied for myself (and anyone who may actually read this):
1. I have been very busy at work.
2. Illness (Strep throat has run through my house! Sometimes I wonder if the government is using my home to test for germ warfare.)
3. I have been very busy at work.

I'll make an effort to write something a little "meatier" later this evening.

Stress relief

Next time you need a little break in your day gohere.

Sick of the FCC

I recognize a need to have an organization oversee the use of our limited air waves. The FCC does an admirable job of keeping the radio spectrum clean and portioned out correctly.
However, I have been sickened by the actions lately and THIS is just the latest in a series of moves that needs to be stopped.

Funny Clip

March 10, 2004
I just came across this video clip while checking out this blog.

Very funny.

How did I ever do it!

March 9, 2004
I grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in Marquette. Every once in a while I amuse myself by reading the local newspapers website. Today's top story is about quilting!

A sign of a slow news day...

This brings back fond memories for my college days when I was minoring in Journalism. One of my "editing" classes required us to read a newspaper and find mistakes. My parents started sending me the Marquette Mining Journal. I didn't have to mine very much to dig up some mistakes! Thanks for the easy grade Mining Journal!

One of my favorite Authors :: Neal Stephenson ::

March 8, 2004
A very cool site for a very cool writer. I only wish I had a fraction of his talent.
:: Neal Stephenson ::

Wired News: Pocket PCs Masquerade as IPods

This looks like a great idea, but it probably won't last long. Apple's lawyers are probably running to the nearest court as I write this....
Wired News: Pocket PCs Masquerade as IPods

Happy Birthday!

March 4, 2004
It is my oldest Daughter's birthday today so I have been a little preoccupied with that. I'll write more tomorrow.

I love Gadgets!

March 3, 2004
I think I may have stumbled acrossGeek Heaven!
I just started surfing this site and have found and R2D2 router and a humidor PC! You have to check this out. - Troops get high-tech noisemaker - Mar. 3, 2004 - Troops get high-tech noisemaker - Mar. 3, 2004
The government is spending millions of dollars to create loud noises capable of scaring of people! My children can be equally as effective and cost on $750, 000. Cheap!

Yahoo! News - Bookies Stop Taking Bets on Life on Mars

Well this is all the evidence I need! Life must have existed on Mars because the damn bookies are never wrong! I should know, they just took my money in Las Vegas for the Superbowl.Yahoo! News - Bookies Stop Taking Bets on Life on Mars

Divine Geese and Possessed Pepsi

March 2, 2004
I started my day by (possibly) breaking my pinkie toe. You would not believe how painful it is to walk with a bad pinkie toe. I was embarrassed to explain to people why I had a slight limp.

I did have a few interesting moments today to help get my mind off of the little toe.

This morning I went down to our company cafeteria for coffee. I looked outside the windows to the pond and witnessed 2 Geese WALKING ON WATER! This was not only miraculous, but also quite amusing. I quickly figured out that they were actually walking on thin ice, which had sunk just below the surface from their weight.

Later in my day I attended one of my many meetings. I had purchased a Diet Pepsi to quench my thirst. I must have been the lucky one to get the one recently shaken up prior to loading the vending machine because it started to overflow the second I opened it. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday and had actually thought of this eventuality. I quickly replaced the cap and the meeting continued on without me getting embarrassed.
Ten Minutes later I was sure the coast would be clear. I twisted the top off and it started to fizz up again! This time it got some notice from my fellow meeting attendees, but nothing was said.
Fifteen minutes later I again reached out for a try. I am now getting very thirsty AND I wondered if I had won another iTune song. Everyone one the meeting paused, looked over at me and watched as I carefully unscrewed the cap. Unbelievably, the fizz started to rise. We all had a good laugh and I promptly threw it away since it was clearly possessed. (or at least polluted with something!)

Welcome to my Blog. This is my first post and is really more of a test to see if I know what I am doing. So far I am just using one of's templates for the site, but hope to create my own later in the week.

I am not sure how often I will be able to post on here, but I love writing and hope this will get me writing more often. Practice, practice, practice!