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The Blackhole

March 27, 2006
I made this movie with my kids and my niece a few years ago. Just screwing around with YouTube to see how it works...

3D Animation! Anthony Hollis

One of my very good friends has been working on a journey to become a 3D/2D artist. Check out his website to see how he is doing. Looks pretty damn good so far Hollis!
Anthony Hollis - Project Ice.

Thousands March in Detroit - Immigration

Right now thousands of immigrants are marching through the streets of Detroit headed towards the Federal building. According to WDIV they have closed off Michigan Ave.

Today's Poem - 3/24/2006

March 24, 2006
The word that I heard was about a bird and his terd
It will give you the flu and make you feel blue and make you say
Stay away from that Doo-Doo!

More Lions Negativity in the press

March 17, 2006
The Detroit Lions have signed a couple new QBs in the past week. This clearly points to Joey Harrington leaving the organization. I wish him luck. He had everything stacked against him here in Detroit and Drew Sharp was one of the biggest instigators.

In Mr. Sharps article today he says the two new QB's Kitna & McCown are the latest to sip the Kool-Aid. He starts off with so much negativity it is appalling. These guys haven't even been on the Lions practice field and already he has given up on them. That attitude trickles down to the fans and it becomes part of the overall negativity suffocating this city every day.
Do you ever hear a Steeler fan be this negative about anything? They are always looking at the positive side of any changes and it clearly makes a difference. Just ask the Lombardi trophy.

Something I hate....

March 10, 2006

I hate it when people forward an email and then use the words "the below will explain everything" or "the below comments should answer your question". When did "below" become a noun? Why do people feel they can throw basic grammar rules right out the window when they are forwarding an email? Have we really gotten that lazy? Have I asked enough questions?

What really kills me is this is coming from a co-worker. This person has got to be intelligent if they hired in with this company like many of the Ivy Leaguers recruited to work here. You think I am kidding? Take this conversation I overheard in the elevator as an example of the nerdiness I am immersed in every day:

On the elevator going up from the lobby, a couple people are wearing light jackets clearly having just come back in the building from outside.

"So how is the weather out there?" I ask.
"Moderate." Is the answer from a frowning, uber-nerdy girl in the corner.

I am fairly certain I was the only person to think this was an odd answer as others were nodding knowingly as if that is the perfect answer for that question.

Help! I am trapped in the Auto Industry!

Random Thought #1

I work in Dearborn, MI for one of the Big Three, or Big Two, or maybe I should say one of the formally Big Three. You get the picture. I feel like I am working for a soon to be extinct business. The industry itself is in trouble and going through the very beginnings of a huge change. These are the initial shockwaves and these shockwaves have cost a lot of people their jobs here in the building I work in. Consequently, those of us still around are silently happy that we are still working, but are now severely overworked and still very concerned about our future. I have come up with a method to help me through this period and I plan on sharing it with you for a while during my lunch breaks.

Here goes….

I have a running monologue going on in my head. I assume everyone has this, but you never know. I thought I would start sharing some of the thoughts I have and let you decide if it is crazy or not.

Earlier this afternoon I saw a woman walk by me carrying a banana, in my head I pictured myself pointing at her and yelling "Potassium!" and then spelling "B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-A Banana naa". I always sing that last part in my head whenever I see a banana. It is part of a song from a college band my best friend was associated with back in the day. Big Blue Couch. They rocked and were very interesting. They actually brought the big blue couch with them everywhere they went and sat on the couch and danced on the couch while they performed. Great concept.

Stay tuned for random thoughts from me.

Find Music You'll Love - Pandora

March 3, 2006
I recently came across this site called Pandora where they promise to help you "Find Music You'll Love". So far I have been impressed. Check it out!

So far today I have discovered Roine Stoit, awesome Blues guitar and lyrics and Remy Shand. Those two came up because I wanted to hear music like Sting. Can't wait to come up with a few others.