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I made the Detroit Free Press

May 31, 2005
My Blog has been mentioned in the Detroit Free Press today or more to the point my Video of Kwame's Mommy made the Detroit Free Press.
Unfortunately the link has a typo.
Read the article here: Poli-bytes: A behind-the-scenes look at state and local politics

Here is the Video: Kwame and his Mommy Video

Stop that! You'll go blind!

May 27, 2005
According to an article in the Detroit Free Press Viagra and Cialis may make you blind. I know this shouldn't be funny, but I could not help myself. It doesn't look like masturbation will make you blind, just the pills that help you along.

Church sign!

May 24, 2005
Boy it is getting ugly now!

Kwame's people beat up reporter

May 20, 2005
Here is an article in the Detroit Free Press detailing how Kwame's thugs beat up a local television reporter.

A quote from Mayor Kwame on his way into his car:

"Quit buying prostitutes. You quit buying prostitutes."

He was referring to an allegation by Warren city officials last year that Wilson had paid for prostitutes in Costa Rica to set up a group of public officials and businessmen there on a fishing trip. The charges have never been proved, but the rumors persist.

The mayor said it again.

"Quit buying prostitutes. Fat ass."

The Honorable Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

UPDATE: Steve Wilson Video

Here is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

I have been reading my Horoscope on Yahoo for the past few days and the last two days my horoscope has advised me to skip work!

There's nowhere you'd rather be than where you are right now, and no one you'd rather be with than the person sitting right there across from you. Cancel all your appointments.

And the day before….

There's magic in the air for one and all, but in your case, it's magic of the most alluring kind. You can call in sick, can't you? You've got better things to do, whether you know it or not.

I happen to be a Scorpio, so perhaps Yahoo just has something against Scorpios, but let me tell you something Scorpios can Rock you like a Hurricane!

If I were to following these directions from Yahoo's horoscope service I suspect I would not be employed for much longer. I bet someone will fall for it though and then they will sue Yahoo.

I will not be calling off. Nice try Yahoo!

More Kwame Fun...

May 19, 2005
Today's Detroit News reports Kwame's father has apologized for his comments the other day at his Son's re-election rally.

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's father apologized Wednesday for comparing news stories about his son's behavior to lies the Nazis used to spark the Holocaust.

Kwame: "race is on!"

May 18, 2005
I have tried to capture some precious footage of Pimp-Mayor Kwame's Mom and Dad defending him at a political rally where Kwame announced his campaign for re-election as the mayor of Detroit. As soon as I get it I'll post it.
Meanwhile the Detroit Free Press continues it's coverage.

Here is a precious quote from Kwame's Mom:
The mayor's mother, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Detroit, urged Detroiters to rally around her son.

"Don't lay down, stand up. Don't be quiet, speak up," she said. "Don't let too many people talk about y'all's boy."

This moved Kwame to tears! Mayor Kilpatrick stood up surrounded by his neon green signs (chosen for his Irish heritage?) and said the following: "I ain't cried since I was 10 years old."

UPDATE: A little video from Fox 2 Detroit with Sherry Margolis. Wait until the end to see Kwame's Mommy. She is in politics as well. I guess the Kilpatrick's are the Detroit Royal Family, just like the Kennedy's!
Kwame and his Mommy Video

UPDATE #2: Big thanks to Gregg Henson for the mention in his blog.

The Toy Chest Sign

May 17, 2005
I have decided it is time someone kept track of the Toy Chest sign.
The Toy Chest is a "Gentleman's Club" in Dearborn, MI. They frequently have Foxy Boxing and midget tossing. Here is the latest: (Sorry for the quality. This was taken with my cell phone from a moving car.)

Banana Eating Contest!

Dr. Detroit!

Pimp-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in the news again here in Detroit. This guy is such a mess I can't believe it, but I bet he still get re-elected!
Check out this story from the Detroit Free Press. Big "K" can't control himself when he travels! Big spender has Limo's waiting for him 24 hours a day, huge tabs at the nightclubs and spa treatments for his wife.

Look at the size of this guy!

"The city credit card was billed $705.30 in food, including three trips to the "Pharaoh's Pheast" buffet." – Detroit Free Press

The "Mayor" in the middle.

Mitch Albom is at it again!

May 6, 2005
Detroit Free Press writer Mitch Albom has stumbled again. Just about a week after being reinstated Mr. Albom writes an article about the One year Anniversary since the Detroit Red Wings last played hockey. In the article Mitch claims he was at Joe Louis Arena where he overheard a conversation between a hockey puck and a hockey stick!

PUH-LEASE! I bet he wasn't even there!